Downstream Process Development Webinar

Wednesday, September 9, 2015 - 12:00pm EST / 9:00am PST

Webinar Facilitator: John Moscariello

Exploring options for continuous diafiltration
Matthew Westoby, Sr. Engineer III, Biopharmaceutical Development, Biogen

This talk examines multiple options to provide continuous diafiltration in an integrated continuous purification process. Several diafiltration options were first explored using theoretical design equations to determine top system configurations, which were then tested in the laboratory. Results from the experiments were compared to theory and benefits and drawbacks were compared to each other and traditional batch diafiltration. Integration of the best diafiltration process into a continuous purification train will then be discussed.

Capacity assessment: DBC is not the whole story – implications for resin lifetime and sequential multicolumn chromatography
Justin Ladwig, Associate Scientist, Purification Process Development, Amgen Inc.

Authors: Justin Ladwig, Egor Trilisky, Stephen Trimble, John Moscariello
Traditionally, dynamic binding capacity (DBC) has been used to determine the loading limit for affinity columns. Experiments were performed to assess not only DBC, but also the recovered capacity (RC) which is defined by how much product is actually eluted from an overloaded Protein A column. The RC accounts for changes in binding conditions between load and elution and was found to be the key parameter for determining the proper loading limit on Protein A affinity resins. Additionally, the assessment of RC across column lifetime was used to model manufacturing strategies for optimizing resin utilization, operating capacity and yield.


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