Biomolecular and Biophysical Processes
and Peterson Awardee Webinar

Wednesday, September 23, 2015 - 12:00pm EST / 9:00am PST

Webinar Facilitator: Parag Kolhe

High-throughput passive microrheology of therapeutic protein solutions
Lilian Lam Josephson, Graduate Research Assistant, University of Delaware

This talk will focus on using multiple particle tracking microrheology to characterize the viscosity of protein therapeutics over a wide range of compositions with a minimal amount of material. Using a biocompatible microfluidic device and parallel temperature control setup, high-throughput temperature-concentration viscosity measurements of mAb solutions are obtained using 2 μL samples.

Synthetic biochemical production of medicinal protoberberine alkaloids in yeast
Stephanie Galanie, Graduate research fellow, Smolke Laboratory, Stanford University

(recipient of 2015 Peterson Award for oral presentation)

I will discuss the optimization of a yeast strain whole-cell biocatalyst to convert a commercially available precursor to the complex medicinal plant alkaloid canadine.


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Biomolecular and Biophysical Processes and Peterson Awardee

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